Modular Devices Expands Cleanroom Offerings with Acquisition of Flow Cleanrooms & Technical Air Products

Modular Devices, a leader in mobile imaging and cleanroom solutions, accelerates its growth strategy with the strategic acquisition of Flow Cleanrooms and Technical Air Products. This acquisition strengthens Modular Devices’ position in the cleanroom industry, enriching its portfolio to offer customers a comprehensive range of high-quality, customizable cleanroom solutions.

Flow Cleanrooms specializes in softwall, rigidwall, and hardwall cleanrooms, pioneering innovative modular designs for enhanced flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional stick-built cleanrooms, Modular Cleanrooms integrate quick-remove wall panels and freestanding or ceiling-hanging structural designs, enabling easy setup, expansion, or relocation.

Technical Air Products, founded in 1992, is a leading manufacturer of modular softwall and rigidwall cleanrooms, along with complementary components and accessories. With a focus on affordability and customer satisfaction, Technical Air Products empowers employees to deliver superior value to customers.

The acquisition of Flow Cleanrooms and Technical Air Products bolsters Modular Devices’ cleanroom offerings, providing customers in healthcare, life sciences, semiconductor, and other industries with innovative, pre-certified cleanroom solutions. From standard to custom designs, Modular Devices ensures compliance with ISO and USP standards, meeting diverse operational needs.

Chris Patterson, Vice President of the Cleanrooms division at Modular Devices, expressed enthusiasm for the acquisition: “Flow Cleanrooms and Technical Air Products bring invaluable expertise and innovative solutions to our cleanroom division. We’re excited to enhance our offerings and deliver greater value to our customers.”

Mark Koers, CEO of Modular Devices, emphasized the strategic significance of the acquisition: “As we continue to expand our presence in the cleanroom market, this acquisition strengthens our commitment to delivering excellence and innovation. We’re proud to welcome Flow Cleanrooms and Technical Air Products to the Modular Devices family.”

Modular Devices’ acquisition underscores its dedication to providing best-in-class cleanroom solutions, positioning the company as an industry leader. With a focus on quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, Modular Devices is poised to lead the evolution of the cleanroom industry.